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Ponix MicroAg is a development stage company preparing to bring you ideal environments for micro-farming and home growing. Our goal is to be a comprehensive resource for compact Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) solutions, starting with the pPod™ and expanding to include complementary products and maintenance services to provide a productive growing experience for every Ponix MicroAg customer.


E Pluribus Unum Food Supply

Let’s consider disruptive innovations. Examples that justifiably get immediate attention are smartphones, streaming video, LED lighting, digital photography, and pretty much anything else digital or involving the internet. But a deep dive into the history of farming is often needed to appreciate the impact of disruptive innovations in agriculture. Here are a few historical examples …


Our first blog author is Christopher Wark, Chief Executive and founder of Ponix MicroAg. To learn more about Chris and Ponix MicroAg, we invite you to explore all the information available at our main website, including our team profiles and the progress we are making toward our goal of bringing ideal growing environments to the CEA industry.

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