Here we go…

Welcome to the inaugural blog post for Ponix MicroAg!

We hope you find the discussions here helpful and interesting. Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is a rapidly expanding segment of the farming industry and it provides a technical foundation for DIY hydroponics and other controlled environment home gardening. Considering all the different kinds of people growing a wide range of plants in every imaginable type of location, this exploration will cover a lot of territory.

Post topics will range from Ponix MicroAg products and company information to technical overviews of common industry issues to the social impacts of how and where we grow food, herbs, and decorative plants. I’m looking forward to seeing where the conversation takes us and getting more insights from your comments so that we can all gain a greater understanding of new ways to grow food in the 21st century.

Thanks for checking in!



Lit pPod prototypes #5 & #6